instantly printable as a 16 X 20 poster at walmart etc locations in canada for approx $20 incl tax for every livingroom on the planet fer crissakes folks!! truest royalty!

Top of our site at - dear Ms. Britney spears!!

Our most beautiful and spirited dear from our related site at -
the incredibly talented and lovely Ms. Britney Spears. Personal comment from site founder
Mr. Michael Rizzo Chessman - I've never been so filled with joy, enthralled in fact - then when
I first beheld the sort of human achievement in the experience of such incredulously
breathtaking and supremely beautiful music genius performances of dear Ms. Britney spears
- it was like being given a breath of life like never before been blessed with - god bless al the
way dear!!

"Crazy" (that's what happens to Michael Rizzo here watching this miraculously filled with beautiful
spirit and countenance performer - god bless!!)

"sometimes" (Live tour - Hawaii stop)

     "sometimes" (standard version)

     "born to make you happy" (Spain)

"one more time" (spain)

"from the bottom of my broken heart")
what a loveliest dear gal as seen here too!!


more great Britney Performances will be posted
along the way here for you - come back often folks!!

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